About Us

Docsinnovent are established medical device innovators in the fields of both human and animal health care.

Our innovation expertise in these sectors spans over two decades with an extensive portfolio of patented medical devices delivering significant clinical benefits across the globe today.

We continue to work on our portfolio of innovative product. We also welcome other inventors of human and animal healthcare products to come and meet us with a view to potentially working together to make their creations a commercial reality.

The v-gel Innovation Team

Dr Muhammed Aslam Nasir

Managing Director
Dr Muhammed Aslam Nasir, a qualified human anesthesiologist first came to the UK in 1990. Whilst pursuing his medical career he became extremely frustrated with the difficulty in using the various airway devices that were available in the market and how often they had undesirable laryngeal and tracheal trauma side effects. Triggered by this dissatisfaction, coupled with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, he went onto invent a new form of supraglottic airway device that overcame these issues called ‘i-gel’ which is now successfully sold in over 88 countries worldwide. With the success of ‘i-gel’ Dr Nasir decided to start up Docsinnovent ...

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Surendra Sumaria-Shah

Finance Director
Surendra is a co-founder of Docsinnovent Ltd. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and has over 30 years’ experience working with and advising successful entrepreneurs and businesses with strong international presence. Surendra is also involved in a number of Charities and is an active member of Lions Clubs International. He also enjoys playing golf.

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Ivan Crotaz BVetMed MRCVS

Companion Animal Veterinary Consultant
Ivan is the Docsinnovent lead veterinary consultant for companion animal anaesthesia. He graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in London in 1999. Ivan is both a general practitioner and also sees second opinion medical and surgical rabbit cases, as well as lecturing on rabbit husbandry, medicine and surgery. He has been the veterinary advisor to Docsinnovent since the start of the v-gel ® development programme and has provided invaluable insights and contributions in investigating and advising on upper airway anatomy, best anaesthesia practice, post mortem studies, v-gel ® design and clinical trials. Ivan’s initial cadaver investigation work for v-gels ® ...

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Stuart Wallis CVA BVSc MRCVS

Equine and Anaesthesia Veterinary Consultant
Stuart is Docsinnovent lead veterinary consultant for the equine v-gel development program and also our expert advisor in veterinary anesthesia for companion animals too. He graduated from Liverpool University in 2004. He is a veterinary surgeon at The Arundel Equine Hospital, West Sussex and has recently gained his Certificate in Veterinary Anesthesia. He is currently analyzing and evaluating the equine v-gel prototypes and has already conducted extensive successful clinical trials in private practice and also in conjunction with University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. Stuart has completed his first stage cadaveric paper and has submitted it for approval for publication ...

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Product and Sales Executive
Dawn started her veterinary career in Feb 1984 as a trainee Veterinary Nurse, She spent 11 years in practice after gaining her VN qualification, over 10 years in veterinary capital equipment sales and 1 year sales in NHS – so she has seen a lot of changes within the industry. This gave her a great grounding for a further 4 years ‘on the road’ working with veterinary practices offering advice on marketing and growing their businesses going on to spend 16 months working for a privately owned group of practices in respect of the marketing and development of the group ...

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Research & Development Engineer
Rafael Perez is a Mechanical Engineer with a MSc in Biomedical Engineering from the Technical University Berlin, Germany. He has been developing medical devices from concept up to the manufacture line with a strong emphasis on product design.

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